Interior Hardwood Penofin® Wood Stain

The world's deepest penetrating wood finish

Penofin Interior  Hardwood can

Quick Facts

  • The world's deepest penetrating wood finish
  • Perfect for all species of hardwood
  • Sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil formula
  • Long-lasting beauty
  • Natural tone
Penofin Interior  Hardwood

PENOFIN's Interior Hardwood Finish is simple and easy to use. Many woodworkers and furniture makers choose the wet-sanding method by using a fine grit wet/dry sandpaper and Penofin wood stain to create a light wood paste. When wiped off, the handsome finish look is lustrous. This process can create a museum-quality finish on all hardwood species. Dries quickly, penetrates deeply, and lets the beauty of the wood show through for a natural look.