Application of Interior Penofin

Penofin Verde
Use PENOFIN on cabinets, flooring, furniture, and art objects.
  • Shake well and stir thoroughly. Do not thin or blend with other products. For best results, prepare the wood by sanding with the grain, using 150-grit or finer sandpaper and wipe clean.
  • Start with these five easy steps to achieve a beautiful wood finish. For best results read the label.
    1. Prepare: To start, work with a dry wood surface free of old finishes, paint, wax, grease, polish, and dirt. Repair any cracks or defects. Get a FREE Penofin color sample (see the paint counter or call 1-800-Penofin). Buy your favorite Penofin Finish and you're ready to apply.
    2. For Matte Finish: To begin, stir product thoroughly. Apply one coat with a brush, foam pad, or lint-free finishing cloth in a well-ventilated area. Wipe surface after 20-30 minutes. For rough-sawn wood, back brush with a dry paint brush to remove surface product. The surface will be useable after 12 hours. It's that easy and quick! Ready for wet-sanding in 24 hours.

      For Wet-sanding method Use this method for a high-gloss finish. Wet-sanding with PENOFIN creates a natural paste that fills the pores of the wood, and eliminates the need for a sanding sealer or paste filler. Begin as for matte finish.
    3. Apply Penofin to a Small Area: With 400- to 600-grit wet/dry sandpaper, sand with the grain and keep the area wet with PENOFIN. Wipe the area dry and repeat the process until grain is filled and desired patina is achieved. Buff to a polish with a clean, soft cloth. If desired, a polyurethane varnish or lacquer may be applied over PENOFIN after one week.
    4. Maintain: Burnishing with a soft dry cloth or a floor buffer will preserve the beauty of Penofin enriched wood. Touch up with Penofin as needed. Visit or call 1-800-Penofin for customer service support and details.
    5. Cleanup: Use mineral spirits or paint thinner. Avoid spontaneous combustion; submerse used cloths in a bucket of water until properly disposed at your local hazmat drop-off.

Burnishing with a soft, dry cloth or buffer will maintain the beauty of PENOFIN-enriched wood. Because PENOFIN is a penetrating oil, damaged areas, scratches, or stains may be repaired wet-sanding with PENOFIN Natural.


Use mineral spirits or paint thinner.

Caution & Warnings
  • Combustible - keep this product away from heat, open flame, and sparks.
  • Beware of spontaneous combustion. Make certain all rags or other materials used with PENOFIN are soaked in water, stored in an air-tight container, or otherwise disposed of safely.
  • Avoid contact with skin and breathing vapor or spray mist. Use only with adequate ventilation. Do not take internally.
  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately.
  • Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and product label for more information.
  • Shelf life is limited once factory seal is broken. Secure lid tightly after each use.
Keep this and all PENOFIN products out of the reach of children.