Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Penofin-Performance Coatings Inc. (PCI) has made a commitment to the environment. Our use of Brazilian Rosewood Oil as a base not only creates a stain that penetrates deeper and makes your wood last longer, but this carefully harvested crop guarantees continued jobs in an area that is destroying its ecosystem.

Brazilian Rosewood Oil is harvested from the carefully gathered pod of the Brazilian rosewood tree. This oil is found in the fruit of the trees that grow on the dry plains and is the essential ingredient of PenofinĀ®. No other wood finishing product contains this special oil.

Our commitment to the environment extends past our raw materials. We believe in keeping all of the environments we meet with directly, or indirectly, safe be they working environments or living environments.

We believe in creating a safe environment for our workers. We do not create wastewaters in our manufacturing process.

We believe in the continued search to find sustainably harvested ingredients that occur naturally and will provide jobs to areas that are destroying their habitats to preserve employment.

We believe that one way of caring for our environment is by wisely using our limited wood resources to create items of beauty, function, and permanence. Penofin guarantees the preservation of manufactured wood items.

We have a responsibility to make our world a place in which we want our children and grandchildren to grow. The Native Americans had a way of looking at the decisions they made - how will it affect the seventh generation. We want to make decisions that will positively affect the seventh generation and more.

What we build with our limited resources should be cared for with appreciation. In doing so, we'll help assure our continued existence on this earth.