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Nakamoto Forestry

Nakamoto Forestry
6400 SE 101st Ave. Unit 2C, Portland, OR 97266
Tel: (503) 713-6064

Nakamoto Forestry
Penofin OEM Partner: Nakamoto Forestry

Nakamoto Forestry is owned by the Nakamoto family and headquartered in Hiroshima prefecture on the west side of Japan. We have several thousand acres of managed forest in Hiroshima adjacent to a national park and not far from the Miyajima Shrine. We have four main mills in Hiroshima and Tokushima prefectures that complete the entire manufacturing process. Nakamoto Forestry is affiliated with WoodOne, one of the largest flooring manufacturers in Japan. Nakamoto Forestry North America distributes our yakisugi from a stocking warehouse and finish shop in Portland, Oregon.

Nakamoto Forestry is SGEC certified, a Japanese system with chain of custody tracking similar to western FSC certification. Nakamoto Forestry North America is FSC-certified, registration# SA-COC-002372-64. Worldwide we mill and ship 650,000~810,000 square feet (60,000~75,000m2) of yakisugi every month, and have a surge capacity double these numbers. We can handle any size project you would like to specify our products for.